Why online?

All my students have moved from face-to-face lessons to online video lessons using the Zoom platform and have not turned back since. For them, these have been some of their considerations:

  1. Mobility – no more need to get to my place. thus saving lots of time and effort travelling.
  2. Flexibility – some are even logging in from various places, such as, from school, cafes, and anywhere convenient at the moment, and not just from home.
  3. Longer sessions (when needed) – As long as I am still teaching for the day, they can extend their lessons for some time (for free) or for more time (at a much discounted rate). This is especially useful when they have tests and exams.
  4. Short consultations (when needed). My regular students can request for very short 15-minute-slot consultations , if they have school work that needs immediate help, at a discounted rate. This has been very useful for the upper secondary and junior college level students. This is also open to non regular students who need help anytime too.
  5. Safe. Online lessons put a safety cap in many ways, as we can see from the Covid-19 situation we experienced.
  6. Instant Feedback. Students send me their workings through Whatspp, so, as in face-to-face sessions, I provide instant feedback on their work.

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