about home schooling

What is home-schooling?

Home-schooling (home education, home learning … ) is education provided outside an established, formal setting, such as at home, by parents, other professionals or tutors.  Home-schooling is a viable alternative for those who do not wish their children to attend any form of formalised education, such as those in public or private schools. The advantage of home-schooling is customization since the teacher is able to customize the learning pace to the individual student.  Although uncommon in Singapore, a growing number of children are being home-schooled here.


What levels are taught here?

Here, we help prepare students to sit for the GCE A level Mathematics, GCE O Level Mathematics or Additional Mathematics, IB Standard and Higher level examinations, as well as the Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE).

Students can also be prepared to sit for other tests and examinations, such as the Scholastic Achievement Tests (SAT). Each lesson is held in a very small group so that individual attention can be given all the time and individual curriculum customization can be achieved.


What home-schooling programmes do we have for students in the public schools?

Besides home schooling students, those studying in the public or private schools but who are keen on having a headstart in their school Mathematics curriculum may also register with us and we will help them achieve their intended goals.  This can be done during the school term or during the school holidays.  There are a number of students here who study Mathematics at one or two levels higher than what they do in school.


What about the rates, schedules and lesson duration?

Do kindly contact us for more information on lesson duration, schedules and fees for home schooling.


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